ANACONDA LODGE, Isla Anaconda, Ecuador

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ANACONDA LODGE, Isla Anaconda, Ecuador

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Property Description

WANT TO ESCAPE!! Since 2011, guests of the award winning Anaconda Lodge have been experiencing exciting and authentic Amazon jungle adventures with cultural and environmental conservation in mind.

Located on a natural island created where the Napo River and the Arajuno River meet in the Amazon Basin in Ecuador, our lodge is surrounded by primary and secondary jungle that is still home to native Kichwa people. They are our neighbors and your guides during hiking and river-borne excursions in the Amazon.

You will visit native homes to see how the Kichwa still live and cook (don’t miss the chance to taste homemade chocolate). You’ll learn about medicinal plants and how this jungle has provided all the basic needs of the Kichwa people for generations. You will enjoy bird watching and animal scouting and see why this jungle and this environment—often called the “lungs of the planet”—is sacred to the Kichwa people and crucial to the world. Local Native Indigenous will be happy to share ancient beliefs, legends and rituals with you.

The owners of Anaconda Lodge are a Chilean and Colombian couple who live year round at the lodge. They have made this beautiful place their home and they work every day to defend and preserve the Amazon environment as well as the rights and dignity of the native people who live here. Their goal is to make the Amazon unforgettable for you through authenticity, passion, hospitality and close contact with the nature and culture they love.

You can make your dreams come true and live in paradise and preserve the Amazon Environment..